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Facility Owner

"My name is Patrick Murray, I’m a former Division 1 baseball player, where I studied exercise science and attended Campbell University 1999-2004.  I’m currently a personal trainer with over 19 years of experience under my belt.  One of my passions is bodybuilding, where I’ve spent 12 plus years consistently studying the nutritional aspect of having a vision of a well-structured championship physique.  Over the years, I’ve noticed the one aspect that carried the most weight in achieving the right look was really understanding the nutritional side of how the body responds, scientifically.  How we absorb and how our body properly transports the nutrients to the right parts of our muscle cells.  I have the ability to properly assess someone’s body, based on their overall goals, and design a specialized nutritional plan."


  • BS Exercise Science

  • Nutritional Specialist

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Over 19 year’s experience

  • Former Division 1 Athlete at Campbell University

  • NPC National Level Bodybuilder for 13 years


  • Educate clients about health risk issues (high blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol)

  • Establish weight goals

  • Design well-structured, well balanced, personalized meal plans

  • Help clients have a better understanding to establish more positive and healthy eating habits

  • Motivation for optimized weight control, and the importance it has in our everyday life

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